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PVC Thunder Hose

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Thunder Hose
NamePVC Thunder Hose
MaterialSmooth and Non-Toxic transparent PVC
ReinforcementStrong Shock Resistant Steel Wire
 ApplicationsSuction and Discharge Food and Pharmacy IndustriesShipyardsAgricultural and Industrial Machines

11/2″12 MM17 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
25/8″16 MM21 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
33/4″20 MM25 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
41″25 MM30 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
51-1/4″32 MM37 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
61-1/2″38 MM43 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
72″50 MM55 MM2.5 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
82.5″63 MM70 MM3.5 MM30 MetersYes30 Meters
93″75 MM82 MM3.5 MM30 MetersYes30 Meters
104″100 MM109 MM4.5 MM20 MetersYes20 Meters
13/4″20 MM26 MM3 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
21″25 MM32 MM3 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
31-1/4″32 MM40 MM4 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
41-1/2″38 MM45 MM4 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters
52″50 MM58 MM4 MM50 MetersYes50 Meters

Temperature Range

The temperature range for PVC Thunder Hose is (-10 Degrees to +65 Degrees)


Looking for a versatile hose that can handle solid, gaseous and liquid media? Look no further than PVC Thunder Hose! Perfect for use with vacuum pumps, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, sewer cleaning and ground water drainage. This non-toxic hose is even suitable for transferring food, beverages and refreshing drinks. And don’t forget its great as a suction and delivery line for lubricating oil too! Get the job done right with confidence – choose PVC Thunder Hose today.

More About Thunder Hose

PVC Thunder Hose

Thunder Hose is a high-quality, flexible hose made of PVC material that is designed to withstand high pressure and can be used for a variety of applications. It is commonly used for suction and delivery of liquids in industries like agriculture, construction, and mining.

One of the key benefits of PVC Thunder Hose is its durability. It is highly resistant to abrasion, weathering, and chemicals, making it a reliable option for use in harsh environments. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, which is important for applications where the hose needs to be moved frequently.

The PVC Thunder Hose is available in various sizes and lengths to suit different requirements. This flexibility makes it easy to find a hose that meets specific needs. It can be easily installed and maintained, ensuring a long service life.

Another benefit of PVC Thunder Hose is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including air and water transfer, as well as the suction and delivery of oils and chemicals. This makes it a cost-effective solution for a range of fluid transfer applications.

Overall, the Thunder Hose is a reliable and cost-effective solution for a range of fluid transfer applications. Its durability, flexibility, and versatility make it a popular choice in industries like agriculture, construction, and mining. With proper installation and maintenance, the Thunder Hose can provide years of reliable service.

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